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Calcic cheese for babies

Calcic cheese for babies

I make this cheese from 300 ml of milk for a meal.

  • 300 ml milk
  • 2 lactic lime pills

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Calcium cheese for babies:

we grind the calcium pills to dissolve faster.

we put the milk on the fire and we add the calcium as soon as we put it on the fire, we take care not to catch the milk, we chew in it, we leave it until it is cheese and it boils and we take it off the fire.

drain the whey and squeeze the cheese with sterile dressings.

Homemade calcium cheese

Homemade calcium cheese


1 liter semi-skimmed milk Dorna 1.5% fat (blue box)
8 lactic calcium tablets from Biofarm
gauze bandage narrower and longer than 10x20 cm or 20x20 cm
milk boiling pot with valve for audible warning (whistle)


Put water in the audible warning valve (whistle), add the milk to the pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. When it starts to whistle, turn on the heat slowly and let it boil for another 20-25 minutes. Add the 8 tablets of lactic calcium from Biofarm and mix well until the liquid between the small pieces of cheese becomes clear in the spoon. Strain and put homemade calcium cheese in a double-sided piece of gauze.

Baby cottage cheese

Tie at the ends and hang from a wooden spoon over a taller kettle. Leave for at least 12 hours to drain all the whey.
If a smaller amount of calcium cow's cheese is to be obtained, the dosages are reduced. For example: for 50 grams of cheesecomplicated homemade calcium half a liter of milk and 4 tablets of lactic calcium from Biofarm will be used.

Baby bridge : Lactic calcium from the recipe for homemade calcium cheese for babyIt can also be replaced with lemon juice.

Calcium bananas for babies. How to make calcium cheese for babies?

& gtCongratulations on your success! We still haven't been able to make friends with bananas & # 8230 more than 3 mouths don't take. Unfortunately, we can't really test your method anymore, because he doesn't really accept blended food anymore. He wants pieces that he can keep alone.

& gta, well Alexia wants pieces of fruit. I give it to him to kill his time. but when it comes to eating, we don't play & # 8230 by the way, has that logging thing been fixed? I went to some settings & # 8230and something else: I want to enter and it won't let me. open my unloading program & # 8230 instead, I can enter all the other sites & ampblogs on your profile

& gtnoi I have never used calcium cheese & # 8230. his grandmother's recipe always worked, and I gave it to my's easy to make: 1 liter of whipped milk, we take MONOR, put it to boil, and a to see that the cheese is chosen on top..after extinguishing the fire, strain the cheese through a fine sieve..and look in the sieve you have a goodness of cheese & # 8230and I also use the strained whey for lettuce soup & # 8230yummmyyy and natural:)


1. The choice and introduction of new foods is made in the infant who is in perfect health.
2. Do not introduce more new foods at once if digestive disorders occur, return to the pre-illness diet, diversification gradually resuming after recovery.

3. The amount of newly introduced food increases progressively.
4. The newly introduced food is served before the milk, and the milk decreases progressively.
5. In case of refusal of a food, the child is not forced, his service is resumed after a few weeks.
6. Do not eat on TV, with many toys around or running with the bowl after the child around the house for several hours!
7. The child will not receive anything between meals, only water!
8. The education of the meal begins: hand washing, bib, mouthwash after the end of the meal.
9. We tend to feed with cutlery, even fruit juice.
10. The child must be allowed to actively participate in the meal, to handle the cutlery, to put his hand in the food.
11. Food granulation will gradually increase, to train mastication, usually after the eruption of 4 + 4 teeth (around the age of 8 months)
12. Breastfeeding continues without a schedule.

Eating habits are formed from the first year of life. Be persevering!

Cow's cheese for babies (7 months)

Shortly after the introduction of solids in the baby's diet, around the anniversary of the 7th month of life, the diversification of his diet continues with a preparation much loved by the little ones and which will be the basis of many dishes from now on. It's about homemade cow's cheese!

It is not difficult to obtain, nor is the material invested great, and the satisfaction of the work done with your hand is incomparable with the freshest cow's cheese that you could buy from any store. Lots of protein, calcium, no preservatives or other chemicals!

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